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Grab your paper, pencil and a tape measure! Start by measuring the dimensions of your room. Make note of windows, doors, electrical outlets and switches. Note the locations of your appliances. Then begin in one corner of the room and work your way to the right. Make a note of any filler boards. Don't forget to measure for toe kick and scribe or crown moulding.

Walls: Make a sketch of the shape of the room. Mark the locations of walls, windows and doors. Measure and make a note of the dimensions of each wall.

Doors and windows: measure the width of all doors and openings.  Measure your windows from the outside edge of the trim to the outside edge of the trim on the opposite side. Measure the height of your windows-from the floor to the bottom of the trim.

Electrical: Mark the locations of all electrical outlets and switches.

Mark the locations of all of the appliances. Be sure to measure the height and width.

Mark the locations of water lines, garbage disposal, sink and gas lines. To mark the exact location of the water line, etc. measure from the end of the wall to the center of the line or switch.

Measuring for bathroom cabinets: Measure the width of your space. Keep in mind that you need space for doors and drawers to open. Take into consideration the location of the toilet and shower/bathtub to be sure there is enough clearance around them.